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New Women-Owned Business Expands Choices for Housing Relocation Services

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

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New Women-Owned Business Expands Choices for Housing Relocation Services

HousingToHome Offers Knowledge and Expertise to Logistical, Community Engagement Challenges Related to Housing and Commercial Relocation

Hannagh Jacobsen and Katie Provencher, Co-Founders, HousingToHome

Boston, Mass. (February 1, 2021) – Property owners, managers, developers and others in need of expert support during a housing and commercial relocation now have a new option with the launch of HousingToHome (HTH). A newly launched, women-owned real estate start up, HousingToHome works with owners, developers, property managers, and others going through the rehabilitation and relocation process.

“Every year, housing professionals decide to renovate public housing and affordable housing developments across the country, which is good news because it means that millions of residents in lower income communities are able to live in upgraded units,” said Katie Provencher, HousingtoHome’s Cofounder. “But they often need support in managing both the logistics and the well-being of the residents. HousingToHome is offering services that will help both owners and managers and as importantly, the residents, as they grow that process.”

Housing and commercial relocation is usually triggered when either public housing or affordable housing undergoes a rehabilitation or demolition process, which means renovation or upgrading of older housing stock. These efforts, which are required to follow federal, state, and local regulatory rules, often entail moving individuals and families to temporary or permanent housing. Many building owners or property managers turn to housing relocation professionals both to manage the logistics but also to ensure that residents – most of whom live in low-income households – are a part of the process.

“HousingToHome will not only provide the kind of logistics support for temporary and permanent relocation during a rehab or renovation process, the company will also put the needs of residents first. We are committed to ensuring that they have both knowledge of the process and that our services will help to make their relocation as stress-free as possible,” said Hannagh Jacobsen, HousingToHome’s Cofounder.

HousingToHome services include:

  • Resident Engagement – HTH designs and implements a range of resident engagement work to support them through the transition and assist connecting them to resources.

  • Relocation – HTH will help to execute all types of relocation including temporary, occupied/resident in-place, permanent, and commercial relocation as well as consulting services. The company can handle all or partial aspects of relocation including staffing, training and supervising an on-site relocation team.

  • Community Building – HTH can assist community building services such as resident association organizing, community asset mapping, and property crisis response, among others.

  • Consulting - HTH provides consulting services to clients with a variety of needs for resident engagement, relocation, and community building all along the relocation process.

“Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, many property owners and developers are moving forward with their rehabilitation processes, and need assistance to move their projects forward and keep residents safe and healthy,” said Provencher. “We offer them a new option to making their relocation processes smooth for all involved.”

HousingToHome Cofounder Biographies:

Katie Provencher is a Cofounder of HousingToHome (HTH) and has extensive experience in community development across the country including resident engagement, relocation, and community building. Prior to founding HTH, Katie was the Chief Executive Officer for a national relocation company in which she grew the company significantly in scale, efficiency, and profitability. Previously, she was the Deputy Director of Urban Edge Housing Corporation, a premier community development corporation in New England.

Katie is a graduate of the NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy’s School of Government, and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Boston College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Boston University. She is a proud native of Lowell, Massachusetts and was honored with the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporation’s (MACDC) Ricanne Hadrian Award in 2015 and the Comcast NBCUniversal National Leadership Award in 2012 for her work in community building and organizing.

Hannagh Jacobsen is a Cofounder of HousingToHome (HTH) and has experience with resident relocation and community building on a national level. Hannagh is one of the leading experts in resident relocation rules and regulations in the country. She has invaluable first-hand experience with executing temporary, permanent, and resident in-place relocation and re-occupancy jobs. Hannagh is strongly versed and experienced in various local, state, and federal resident relocation guidelines including URA, Section 18, and RAD regulations and compliance.

Hannagh is adept in new business development and in strengthening company infrastructure, systems, and operations. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Suffolk University.

More information about HousingToHome is available at their website

About HousingToHome

HousingToHome (HTH) supports our clients and the residents we serve through housing transitions and development. We accomplish this by providing high-quality resident and commercial relocation, resident engagement, and community building to owners and residents of affordable, public, and mixed-use housing throughout the country. With extensive experience in executing all types of relocation across the country including temporary, occupied/resident in-place, permanent relocation as well as consulting services, HTH brings a commitment to high quality service and pride ourselves on being on schedule, on-budget and providing excellent communications and implementation skills. HTH is a women owned business and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a priority for us and is reflected in the staff we hire and the decisions we make as a company.

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