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Whether we are brought in at the early stages of planning a redevelopment project or in the middle of the project when a question arises, HTH has the expertise and ability to provide consulting services that best fit your project.


Bedford Pines (Atlanta, GA)

HTH provides monthly consulting services to Winngate Companies as they redevelop the original Bedford Pines housing developments in Atlanta, GA. HTH advises on relocation process, documents, and notices. HTH also provides guidance and direction to Winngate’s on-site relocation staff.

Frederick Samuel Apartments (New York City, NY)

HTH wrote the Temporary Move Plan and created a budget for anticipated expenses in association with the PACT Project for Genesis Companies for the rehabilitation of Frederick Samuel Apartments, a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) development of 664 residential units in Harlem, NYC. The planned renovations will take a few years and HTH is working with the PACT team to ensure a smooth process for residents.


Ladrey High Rise (Alexandria, VA)

Ladrey Apartments is a high-rise property designated for seniors and residents with a disability in Alexandria, VA. Ladrey will undergo redevelopment in the upcoming years and all residents will have to move for the demolition and new construction by the development team of the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA), WinnCompanies and IBF Development. In order to begin building relationships and understand residents’ relocation needs, HTH met one on one with every household at the Ladrey High Rise last year. HTH compiled the assessment data, analyzed it, and provided the findings to help plan for the relocation of residents. All residents will have the opportunity to return and HTH will continue to work with them during their move to make sure they are acclimated to their new home and ready to return to a new unit when the new development is completed. 

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