HTH’s leadership has extensive experience in executing all types of relocation across the country including temporary, occupied/resident in-place, permanent relocation as well as consulting services. HTH is highly knowledgeable about and up to date with the relocation rules and regulations for the Uniform Relocation and Real Properties Acquisition Act of 1970, as amended (URA), Section 18 Demolition/Disposition, and the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program and other pertinent local, state, and federal guidelines. 

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Residential relocation is a renovation, rehabilitation or redevelopment project that, due to local, state and federal funding sources, triggers regulations and protections for current affected residents.


Following the applicable regulations and working directly with residents is a full-time job that should be taken seriously. HTH will train your on-site relocation team, supporting and overseeing to ensure that residents are being taken care of, the project is able to proceed on time and your multiple parties and stakeholders are being coordinated.

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When a commercial tenant or business is required to relocate, HTH steps in to manage the technical aspects from proper documentation to coordinating the many steps of relocation. HTH has rare and sought after experience in working with commercial tenants and businesses that are displaced and eligible for relocation assistance.

HTH will follow your lead and meet with affected commercial tenants to complete a thorough inventory and advise you and the tenant on their eligible benefits and assistance. Get HTH on a call as soon as you know you have an eligible commercial tenant in order to fully understand the costs.

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Whether we are brought in at the early stages of planning a redevelopment project or in the middle of the project when a question arises, HTH has the expertise and ability to provide consulting services that best fit your project.



HTH can handle all of your Relocation Plan and Budget needs. The Relocation Plan is a written plan or document usually needed for HUD, state agencies and/or lenders to outline the rehabilitation or redevelopment and how it will affect the occupying residents. The plan will outline all of the applicable relocation regulations, how they will be followed, the benefits due to residents and the actual phasing or relocation plan that will ensure a successful project.  
HTH also regularly assists in developing a budget for all relocation-related expenses. This may be particularly useful for your project if you plan to have an on-site relocation team that you need to budget for or are triggering relocation regulations requiring replacement housing payments. When you meet early on with HTH, we can advise you on all anticipated expenses based on your project and even help strategize other options that may create cost savings for the project and minimize hardships on residents.


HTH will help in the time leading up to your relocation start and then be able to jump in and begin the actual relocation or access management. 

For day relocation, HTH will set up and manage dayspaces, where residents can rest during the business hours construction, is working in their apartment.

For temporary relocation, HTH will have residents sign a temporary transfer of occupancy agreements for their temporary relocation unit and coordinate and oversee the moving of residents’ belongings as needed for construction by a professional, bonded and insured moving company to and from their relocation unit.

For longer relocation, HTH will conduct unit searches and build or use relationships with properties, landlords and management companies to move residents to using mobile vouchers, tenant protection vouchers or in the private market, as applicable.


HTH can handle all aspects of your residential relocation including staffing, training and supervising an on-site relocation team. This relocation team works directly with your team to ensure moves and deadlines are met in accordance with your construction or demolition schedule.

HTH’s team will manage all aspects of resident interaction and preparedness and act as an integral part of your project team to make sure your schedule and objectives are met.



H2H works primary on the East coast, but we are partner with clients throughout the United States. 

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