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Our mission is to support our clients and the residents We serve through housing transitions and development.


We accomplish this by providing high-quality resident engagement, relocation, and community building services to owners and residents of affordable and mixed use housing throughout the country. 


Our Commitment

HousingToHome is committed to high quality service to our clients and to residents. We pride ourselves in being on schedule and on budget and having excellent communication and follow through on our work. Our current clients look to us to guarantee that we complete the entire job from working directly with residents to ensuring construction occurs as planned and also know that we assist in building the capacity and knowledge of their staff - especially around relocation - when they ask this of us.

Hannagh Jacobsen and Katie Provencher
Hannagh Jacobsen
Katie Provencher

Advantages of housingtohome

Ownership with a very strong expertise in community development, affordable housing, and relocation


Our Services

resident services.png
Resident Engagement

We support residents through transitions and assist with connecting them to resources. Services include but are not limited to: resident services development and implementation; resident asset/needs assessments; leadership development; and resident emergency response.

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HTH's Leadership has extensive experience in executing temporary, resident in-place, and permanent relocation. HTH is highly knowledgeable about and up to date with all federal, state, and local relocation rules and regulations.

Community Building

When residents are engaged in their properties where they live there is often an opportunity to build the larger community. This work includes services such as resident association organizing; community asset mapping; property crisis response and more.


Whether we are brought in at the early stages of planning a redevelopment project or in the middle of the project when a question arises, HTH has the expertise and ability to provide consulting services that best fit your project.

Current Projects

current projects

HTH is currently providing consulting and execution of relocation services on the below projects that are applicable to city/county, state and federal regulations including the Uniform Relocation Act (URA), RAD, Section 18 Demolition/Disposition and Section 104(D).




  • Seattle, WA



  • Washington, DC

  • Nashua, NH

  • Scattered units in Cambridge, MA

  • durham, nc

  • Alexandria, VA

  • Seattle, WA

Planning & consulting

  • Miami, fl

  • homestead, FL


  • atlanta, gA

  • roswell, ga

  • Attleboro, MA

  • Boston, MA

  • Cambridge, MA

  • Chelsea, MA

  • Webster, MA

  • Westminster, MD

  • lewiston, ME

  • Laconia, NH

  • Paterson, NJ

  • Utica, NY

  • Fairport, NY 

  • Charleston, SC

  • Nashville, TN

  • Austin, TX

Occupied &Temporary relocation

  • 97 Units - Gainsville, Fl

  • 191 Units - New York City, nY

  • 48 units - new york city, ny

  • 135 units - buffalo, ny

  • 59 Units - Attleboro, MA

  • 535 units - boston, ma

  • 102 Units - Boston, ma

  • 66 units - boston, mA

  • 283 units - salem, ma

  • 198 units - Annapolis, MD

  • 193 Units - Detroit, MI

  • 200 Units - Waterford, MI

  • 28 Units - Durham, NC

  • 76 Units - Gaithersburg, MD

  • 96 Units - Takoma Park, MD

  • 105 units - silver spring, md

  • 104 units - Narragansett, RI

  • 224 units - reston, va

  • 240 units - reston, va

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