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HTH's Leadership has extensive experience in executing temporary, resident in-place, and permanent relocation. HTH is highly knowledgeable about and up to date with all federal, state, and local relocation rules and regulations.

Residential Top

Faircliff Plaza East (NW Washington, DC)

Resident Relocation for Over 12 Months

There were 78 occupied units at Faircliff Plaza East in Northwest DC who were all relocated for a demolition redevelopment project. HTH was able to develop a robust selection of local off-site relocation units for households and households were relocated to these homes while the buildings were demolished and rebuilt at the site. A successful relocation project on behalf of the development team of Somerset Development Corporation and Jonathan Rose Companies!

Cherry Garden (Roselle, NJ)

Residential Temporary Relocation

This property of 254 residential units was rehabilitated and residents had to move temporarily from their units in order for renovations to be completed. The property is owned by Related Affordable and is located in Roselle, NJ. Cherry Garden was a bustling family site. HTH coordinated moving companies moving residents’ belongings into storage pods and staying in nearby hotels for a few weeks while renovations were done in their home. This project was complicated by securing enough local, safe, and quality hotel rooms for residents while relocated from their homes. HTH worked seamlessly with the on-site team and finished the project under budget and ahead of schedule.

Lakeland Place (Detroit, MI)

Residential Temporary In-Place Relocation

This was an occupied rehabilitation project with Jonathan Rose Companies (JRC). There were 193 households who needed to be relocated out of their homes for several days while construction was completed in their homes. Residents stayed in hotel suites that were set up in on-site vacant units with furniture and other items to make residents’ short term stay comfortable. This is a property designated for elderly residents and residents with a disability. HTH took extra care to help residents prepare their units for renovations and pack what they needed during their temporary stay in the hotel suites.

Bryant Manor (Seattle, WA)

Residential Permanent Relocation

58 units of affordable housing owned by First A.M.E. Housing Association in Seattle, WA known as Bryant Manor. HTH wrote a Relocation Plan and then successfully relocated all households in neighboring communities in Seattle for an estimated 2 years while the property is redeveloped. All residents have expressed interest in returning. The housing market was very tight and HTH continues regular outreach to residents to make sure they are acclimated to their new home and ready to return to Bryant Manor when the redevelopment is completed.

Bronx, NY Site pic.jpg

Lake Anne House (Reston, VA)

Residential Temporary Relocation

A partnership between Enterprise Community Development, Inc. and Fellowship Square, this project had HTH move residents directly into a newly constructed building on the same site as where residents currently lived. The pace of this job had HTH coordinate relocation and moves for up to 30 households a week. Lake Anne House is designated for senior residents and residents with a disability. The majority of residents did not speak English as their first language. HTH showed care in working with this vulnerable population and residents are very happy with their new homes!

351 Chestnut Street (Manchester, NH)

Commercial Permanent Relocation

351 Chestnut St. is a commercial building that is being demolished for a future affordable housing development in its place by Lincoln Avenue Capital. HTH worked with 5 nonresidential tenants from this building along with moving out storage spaces rented by people and a parking lot full of vehicles as well. HTH’s team identified new commercial spaces and provided them to the tenants while advising on their options for moving assistance and other reestablishment benefits.


Hebronville Mill (Attleboro, MA)

Emergency Residential Permanent Relocation

HTH was called into action by Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) when residents of Hebronville Mill had to be relocated very quickly from the building due to structural issues. 42 households were relocated to housing as close as possible to Hebronville Mill using a combination of mobile vouchers, rental assistance payments and local LIHTC units. Everyone is safely moved from the building and HTH is excited to assist in residents’ future return to the renovated building when it is completed by POAH.

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