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Hannagh Jacobsen Takes On Chief Executive Officer Role for HousingToHome, LLC

Hannagh Jacobsen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bringing Residential and Commercial Relocation Knowledge and Expertise to Affordable Housing on a National Platform

Boston, Mass. (March 21, 2022) - HousingToHome, LLC (HTH) is pleased to announce that Hannagh Jacobsen will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for HTH on March 21, 2022. Hannagh is at the forefront of residential and commercial relocation on the national level and is the Cofounder and Co-Owner of HTH. Hannagh has invaluable first-hand experience with executing temporary, permanent, and resident/commercial in-place relocation and re-occupancy jobs. Hannagh is strongly versed and experienced in various local, state, and federal resident relocation guidelines including Uniform Relocation Act (URA), Section 18 Demolition/Disposition, and Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) regulations and compliance.

Katie Provencher, Cofounder and Co-Owner of HTH, will continue to run and lead HTH with Hannagh. Katie and Hannagh are an inseparable team who work and will continue to work closely together to strategize and run the day to day business of HTH. Katie and Hannagh take on new business, staff development, site execution, and client relations.

“Hannagh is one of a few people throughout the country who truly knows, understands, and executes residential and commercial relocation services. She takes amazing care of her work with Residents. I am proud to have founded and to own HTH with Hannagh and I am impressed every day with Hannagh’s commitment and dedication to Staff, Clients, and Residents,” said Katie Provencher, HousingToHome’s Cofounder.

As recently explained by JoAnna Martin, Development Project Manager at Lotus Development Partners LLC, “It is a great pleasure to work with Hannagh! She responds to all my questions quickly even after business hours, always with attention to detail and professionalism. Her knowledge is vast and current on all matters of relocation. She makes both residents and clients feel they will be well taken care of.”

Hannagh and her leadership is instrumental to residential and commercial relocation throughout the country. Hannagh is constantly thinking about and asking questions in this line of business in order to ensure best practices and consistency around relocation.

“I am excited and ready to take on this next opportunity as CEO for HTH. I appreciate our Staff, Clients, and Residents and this opportunity in general. I am proud to execute relocation work throughout the country and am constantly strategizing about how we can grow HTH in scale and capacity while providing excellent services to our Clients and the Residents who we work with,” said Hannagh Jacobsen, HousingToHome’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

More information about HousingToHome is available at their website

About HousingToHome

HousingToHome (HTH) supports our clients and the residents we serve through housing transitions and development. We accomplish this by providing high-quality resident and commercial relocation, resident engagement, and community building to owners and residents of affordable, public, and mixed-use housing throughout the country. With extensive experience in executing all types of relocation across the country including temporary, occupied/resident in-place, permanent relocation as well as consulting services, HTH brings a commitment to high quality service and pride ourselves on being on schedule, on-budget and providing excellent communications and implementation skills. HTH is a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a priority for us and is reflected in the staff we hire and the decisions we make as a company.

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