Our Services

Resident Engagement

Meeting residents where they are at is paramount to HTH’s resident engagement work.  We support residents through transitions and assist them with connecting them to resources. HTH designs and implements a range of resident engagement work tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients and the residents who they serve.  Services include but are not limited to: resident services development and implementation; resident asset/needs assessments; leadership development, and resident emergency response.



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HousingToHome's Leadership has extensive experience in executing all types of relocation across the country including temporary, occupied/resident in-place, and permanent relocation as well as consulting services. HTH is highly knowledgeable about and up to date with the relocation rules and regulations for the Uniform Relocation and Real Properties Acquisition Act of 1970, as amended (URA), Section 18 Demolition/Disposition, and the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program and other pertinent local, state, and federal guidelines.


HTH can handle all aspects of your relocation including staffing, training and supervising an on-site relocation team.  This relocation team works directly with your team to ensure moves and deadlines are met in accordance with your construction schedule. HTH’s team will manage all aspects of resident interaction and preparedness and act as an integral part of your project team to make sure your schedule and objectives are met.


Community Building

When residents are engaged in their properties where they live there is often an opportunity to build the larger community. HTH aims to be a part of strengthening community alongside property owners and residents. This work is adapted on a case by case basis but includes services such as resident association organizing; community asset mapping; property crisis response and more.



HTH provides consulting services to clients with a variety of needs for resident engagement, relocation, and community building. Whether we are brought in at the early stages of planning a redevelopment project or in the middle of the project when a question arises, HTH has the expertise and ability to provide consulting services that best fit your project. HTH also offers flexible and specific task deliverables in a timely and efficient manner.