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Katie Provencher

Katie Provencher is a Cofounder of HousingToHome (HTH) and has extensive experience in community development across the country including resident engagement, relocation, and community building. Prior to founding HTH, Katie was the Chief Executive Officer for a national relocation company in which she grew the company significantly in scale, efficiency, and profitability.  Katie also had the experience of being the Deputy Director of Urban Edge Housing Corporation, a premier community development corporation in New England. 


Katie is a graduate of the NeighborWorks Achieving Excellence program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy’s School of Government, and holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Boston College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Boston University. 


Katie is a proud native of Lowell, Massachusetts and was honored with the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporation’s (MACDC) Ricanne Hadrian Award in 2015 and the Comcast NBCUniversal National Leadership Award in 2012 for her work in community building and organizing.


Hannagh Jacobsen is a Cofounder of HousingToHome (HTH) and has experience with resident relocation and community building on a national level. Hannagh is one of the leading experts in resident relocation rules and regulations in the country. She has invaluable first-hand experience with executing temporary, permanent, and resident in-place relocation and re-occupancy jobs. Hannagh is strongly versed and experienced in various local, state, and federal resident relocation guidelines including URA, Section 18, and RAD regulations and compliance. 

Hannagh is adept in new business development and in strengthening company infrastructure, systems, and operations.

Hannagh assisted in the management of an elected official campaign in Cambridge, Massachusetts and holds a Bachelor of Science from Suffolk University.

Hannagh Jacobsen

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